ADHD examples in real life

ADHD paralysis

ADHD paralysis, or executive dysfunction, is when someone struggles to start, finish, or continue tasks because of intense anxiety, stress, or tiredness.

Conversation between A and B about how to fight ADHD paralysis
							A: I can't start, finish, or keep up with tasks. 
							B: This is ADHD paralysis.
							B: Try breaking tasks into smaller steps.
							B: Prioritize tasks and limit distractions.

ADHD and tasks

Always practice self-care. It's ok to have ADHD; just find a way to improve yourself.

Conversation between A and B about ADHD and tasks.
							A: And there I forgot the laundry... again
							A: My ADHD clearly has a thing for clean clothes.
							B: Relax, it's all right. Tomorrow

							A: Today is another day I do everything tomorrow

ADHD self care and self compassion

If managing ADHD continues to be a challenge despite considerable effort, try focusing on foundational self-care practices such as self-compassion and relaxation techniques. These can be pivotal in navigating these difficulties.

Conversation between A and B about ADHD and self-care and self-compassion.
					A: ADHD still persisting despite my efforts
					B: Work on the fundamentals
					B: Self care, self compassion and finding ways to relax and calm down

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