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Avoid hiring toxic poeple

Declining toxic hires means valuing empathy, honesty, moral reasoning, teamwork, compassion, and humility. Let's prioritize these traits for a healthier workplace.

Conversation between A and B about how to avoid hiring toxic people. 
            B: To dodge toxic hires, scout for empathy, honesty, moral reasoning, teamwork, care for others, and humility.
			A: Lucky me, I got in before this checklist

Safe workplace

A safe workplace is created only when organizations hold bullies accountable, enforce anti-harassment policies, support victims, and impose consequences on perpetrators.

Conversation between A and B about how to create a Safe workplace. 
				A: Kindness 101 workshop will make the workplace safe
				B: Safety comes from holding bullies accountable, enforcing policies, and protecting victims.

Bullying in the workplace

Saying you want to stop harassment isn't enough. It's time to take concrete action. Bullying has no place in the workplace. This isn't just a company; it's a community committed to respect and dignity for all.

Conversation between A and B about Bullying at workplace. 
				A: Here's a no bullying flyer. 
B: Saying you want to stop harassment isn't enough. Let’s take concrete actions
A: We're a company, not a therapy retreat


Toxic boss compliance strategy

A toxic boss compliance strategy involves using fear, intimidation, and manipulation to enforce rules and ensure employee compliance. This approach creates a hostile work environment, undermines morale, and can lead to high turnover rates.

Conversation between A and B about toxic boss compliance strategy. 
				A Gotta fire the other Blue one. 
				He doesn't dance to my tunes. 
				B: Ok.
				A: Perfect. Keep it up. You might win employee of the month.

Well-being and profit

Promoting well-being at work is often dressed up as a noble cause, but peel back the layers, and you'll find the gleam of profit. It turns out that a happier workforce isn't just a moral win; it's a financial strategy. As employee happiness increases, so do the profits, making well-being initiatives less about generosity and more about smart economics.

Conversation between A and B about well-being and profit.
				B: Let's enhance workplace well-being.
				A: Finally, putting people first?
				B: Whoa, whoa. t's all about the cash.
				B: Happy minions boost profits.

Office rumors

As whispers travel from one cubicle to another, it's easy to see how rumors can gain traction. Yet, as the old saying goes, "Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots." This adage reminds us to approach such talk cautiously, recognizing that not everything we hear is rooted in truth. Focus instead on fostering a positive and productive work environment

Conversation between A and B about the office rumors.
				A: Did you hear the latest gossip?
				B: Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

Toxic boss isolates you

The subtle nature of this violence in the workplace often escapes detection under the guise of normality, leaving a trail of emotional and psychological turmoil in its wake. Recognizing and addressing these subtle forms of violence is imperative to protect employees.

Conversation between A and B about toxic bosses' subtile techniques.
				B: Toxic boss isolates you, manipulates from the shadows, and fakes kindness, making you question your own sanity.

Value others for better team work

Enhance teamwork by acknowledging individual preferences for recognition. It's akin to understanding whether a team member prefers public accolades, a personal thank you, or a quiet acknowledgment of their contributions.

Conversation between A and B about value others for better team work.
				B: Foster teamwork by valuing how each prefers to be recognized.
				A: What's next, group hugs for hitting deadlines?

Comfort Zone

Being nice to those trying new things sets a positive example for others, promoting a culture of kindness, patience, and understanding.

Conversation between A and B about getting out of confot zone.
				B: Why do folks stay in comfort zones?
				A: Cuz, merciless and impatient people can get them
				A: People are afraid
				A:It's about creating safe environment


Microaggressions in the workplace are subtle, often unintentional, behaviors, comments, or actions that communicate derogatory or negative prejudices towards a person based on their race, sex, sexual orientation, or other identity factors. These can significantly impact the workplace environment, affecting morale, productivity, and employee retention.

Conversation between A and B about microagresssions 
				A: Great job for a Smurf.
				B: That's kinda microaggression
				A: I’m not racist, I have a blue friend
				My dog's name is Blue, we're practically family
				B: Seriously


Addressing and preventing gaslighting is crucial for maintaining a healthy, productive, and respectful workplace. Consequences of gaslighting:

  • Undermines trust
  • Impacts mental health
  • Distorts reality
  • Reduces productivity
  • Promotes a toxic culture
  • Hinders professional growth
  • Increases turnover
Conversation between A and B about Gaslighting. 
				B: I feel like I am isolated in this company
A: You're being too sensitive, just imagining things. Come on, man up 
A: What? Come on, you're just being sensitive. Man up

Small business leaders

Small business leaders often face unique challenges, navigating through a mix of trial and error. Employees grapple with uncertainty, and bosses figure things out on the fly. The classic playbook? Make it up as we go.

Conversation between A and B about small business leaders. 
				A: Small business bosses follow the same mess-up playbook.
				B: Employees lack knowledge, and Bosses are clueless about their do's and don'ts.
				The Classic Make It Up As We Go.

Apathy at work

Apathy syndrome in the workplace refers to a state where employees feel indifferent and lack enthusiasm, motivation, and commitment to their job responsibilities and the organization as a whole.

Fight apathy syndrome with

  • Enhance leadership quality
  • Recognize and reward efforts
  • Improve communication
  • Offer professional development
  • Create a positive work environment
  • Align roles with interests and skills
  • Promote work-life balance
  • Empower employees
  • Implement team-building activities
  • Monitor and act on feedback
  • Focus on mental health
Conversation between A and B about apathy
			  A: Apathy levels in this company are off the charts. 
				Bill Burr: Waw
				A: We have to promote work-life balance.
				Bill: Outstanding
				A: Provide growth opportunities too.
				Bill Burr: Great.
				A: Plus, encouraging teamwork.
				Bill Burr: Woo-hoo


The reluctance to discuss salaries is multifaceted, rooted in cultural norms, workplace policies, personal preferences, and social dynamics. Encouraging open and transparent conversations about compensation requires addressing these underlying issues and fostering an environment of trust and equality.

Conversation between A and B about wages in workplace. 
				B: Why's talking about wages so hush-hush?
				A: Oops, touched a nerve there
				B: Is it jealousy? Shame? 
				B: Why?

Manipulative people

Acknowledging the pervasive presence of manipulative tendencies in society is crucial. However, rather than focusing on others' flaws, individuals should take a moment to introspect on their actions and behaviors to enhance themselves.

Conversation between A and B about wages in workplace. 
				A: Too many manipulative people
				B: Brace yourself. Turns out, we're all part-time puppet masters.
				B: How about we hit pause and work on ourselves

Culture fit

New hires can renew the workplace culture by:

  • Enabling the team to overcome new challenges.
  • Actively contributing fresh perspectives.
  • Inspiring innovation.
  • Enhancing problem-solving capabilities.
Don't try to blend in the new hires to ensure the organization remains:
  • Dynamic.
  • Adaptable.
  • Better prepared for future obstacles.
Conversation between A and B about culture fit. 
				A: New hires should refresh the culture to tackle challenges, not just fit in
				B: Sure, come in and redecorate. No.

Untouchable day

To boost productivity and preserve creative flow, avoid meetings by scheduling a weekly "Untouchable Day" with no interruptions.

Conversation between A and B about Untouchable Day. 
				B: For productivity, I need a weekly Untouchable Day. No interruptions, emails, or phone calls
				A:  Your Majesty, shall I alert the peasants
				A: Go back to work, man.

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