Logical Fallacy

  1. What is logical fallacy?
  2. Why do you need to know logical fallacy?
  3. Logical fallacy examples

A logical fallacy is errors and flaws in reasoning that weaken or invalidate a logical argument. You might already hear rhetoric such as:

  • They are with us or against us.
  • He is against war, so he is not patriotic.
  • Etc.

Logical fallacies are often used to mislead people in advertising, politics, official reports, social media, news, etc. The capability to discern a reasonable argument from an inaccurate or a falsy one is essential and sometimes critical to making the right decision.

Logical fallacy examples

Example of false dilemma fallacy:

The false dilemma fallacy, also known as a false dichotomy or either-or fallacy, applies wrongly presenting a claim as a choice between a limited set of options.

Conversation between A and B about false dilemma fallacy. 
              A: They are either with us or against us
              B:This is a false dilemma fallacy
              B: You are polarizing the community by promoting one side and demonizing another.
              B: Let's listen to each other and find common ground.
              B:History has shown … 
              A:Are you against us?