Power Currencies

  1. Why do you need to know the power currencies?
  2. What are power currencies?
  3. Examples of power currencies?

We interact with each other daily; we either have control and power such as authority, influence, or dominance on others or the way around.
This control or power is defined as the power currencies.

Conversation between A and B about power currencies. 
              B: The quality of our relationship depends on our power currencies

There are many types of power currencies, and here are the fundamental power currencies:

  1. Resource currency.
  2. Network currency.
  3. Communication currency.
  4. Expertise currency.

Conversation between A and B about types of power currencies. 
              B: They are four main power currencies: resource, network, communication, and expertise

Communication currency:

Communication currency is all about interpersonal relationships skills such as active listening, conflict management, empathy, respect, confidence, self-esteem, amiability, critical thinking, etc.

Conversation between A and B about communication-currency. 
				A: My coworkers don’t listen when I talk to them
B: Maybe you need to improve your communication currency
A: What currency?

B: Communication currency is all about listening skills, conflict management, self-esteem, amiability, critical thinking skills, etc.

B: Those skills take time to be mastered, be patient, and aim for the long term